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Be on call, pragmatically advise and plan, capture emotions
We helped to maintain trust, convey fairness and fulfill orders.
Many of our customers seek to schedule an appointment with us sooner than later. In this case, however, the term "immediate" was not negotiable. The Asian parent company had approved the plant’s closing and granted little time to make the official announcement. We met up with a highly committed and emotionally moved managing director who, together with his team, had fought to keep the plant up and running. Even now, he wanted to get the best out of it for the customers, company and staff and avoid bankruptcy. To achieve that and right up to the very last day, he needed the support of his employees to be able to meet the delivery obligations. In just a few days, we delivered a pragmatic and effective approach that, even in this challenging phase, provided security and made it clear that the managing director's goal was to offer everyone a perspective. Even in these difficult times, the employees stood by their "boss". The company and works council negotiated hard on the matter, without unnecessary arguments, and agreed on a viable social compensation plan. The plan’s attractiveness was higher than average for those affected because it became possible to keep up production (at a 1.4 sickness rate) and thus, secure the budget for reasonable severance payments.