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Finding roles, conveying messages, helping to shape change

We helped to learn to communicate, preserve tools of the trade and sort yourself out.

The company’s ability to change depends, in no small extent, on the communication skills of its executives. Again and again, we experience that essential messages are insufficiently conveyed or do not even reach the employee via the cascade. The reasons are manifold and range from lack of time, lack of experience or practice right up to a lack of tools or an unclear understanding of roles. For several years, while advising the project, we supported the development of communication competence within the company. The use of several training formats was also particularly helpful during the ongoing change process, as it was possible to work on the problematic topics with each manager individually. The result has proven us right. With a bit of pride, we read the feedback questionnaires as well as the subsequent benefit surveys of more than 250 participants, in which we all scored good or even very good. By the way: We also provide communication for project managers, crisis communication and an introduction in public relations; always tailored precisely to the customer's needs.