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Coaching the team, explaining the task, clarifying opportunities and interpreting agility.

MWe helped to try out something new, maintain the tried and tested and transform communication.

Develop a sophisticated, flexible technology solution for different target groups - in the shortest possible time and of high quality. Industry 4.0 requires speed, mobility and a new form of cooperation - agility. However, how exactly is that supposed to work? Cross-departmental, off the beaten track, with high priority. Right from the start, our client knew that this was more than just a new type of project work. It was important that the company live the topic of agility, and that the word not be burned by using it as a “trend term”. The value and interaction of existing structures and agile teams needed to be explained. Moreover, it was necessary to plan, prepare and accompany the project management’s communication. It was imperative to bring together the most diverse teams behind the goal, free of "departmental thinking" or technological convictions. We’ve also relied on agility for this order: Agile procedures supplemented the existing communication structures, new methods were tried out, discarded and ventured and last but not least, essential impulses for future corporate communication were derived.