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Creating trust, sharpening strategy, changing cooperation.

Mit unserer Hilfe Orientierung bieten, Kurs erklären, Menschen mitnehmen.

It’s already a "blow to the office" when a new CEO takes office from one day to the next, and unannounced on top of it - a different approach wasn’t possible due to legal reasons. The “new guy’s” mission: To turn the many, in part additionally purchased, segments into an efficient company with a mutual objective. This goal also includes setting up each area clearly, sharing the strengths of individual teams or defining central services. All this combined with structural and organizational changes at several locations in Europe, the USA, and Asia. When the supervisory board brought us on board, we only had a few days to plan a meaningful start of communications. Right from the beginning, it was clear to us that: The credibility of the CEO, transparency and employee participation is needed and through site visits, moderated live broadcasts and much work by managers who cascaded the strategy to make it tangible. New, supplemental communication tools and a courageous, open discussion culture provided orientation and diminished fears. On this basis, the change workshops were able to begin. Simultaneously, we achieved another goal: To improve the high-tech company's adaptability and competence.