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Retaining employees, adjusting the organization, appointing a successor’s domain.
With our help; The change was explained, the future’s direction was set and continuity was conveyed.

Our customer’s business environment was in motion. The automotive companies demanded global production and logistics. Considerations on environmental protection and electric mobility turned trendy. Moreover, in the process, the highly competitive industry always requires reliability and quality at a competitive price. Our client distinctively changed its strategy, to survive and make the company fit for the future; this also meant short-term, drastic organizational changes and saving on personnel.  At the same time, new services and structures had to be introduced and changed investment decisions justified. It was essential for us to explain the reasons for the necessary change in an understandable way, and then get the factories and departments behind an overall "future" idea. The aim was to present the possible perspectives for the company and many employees in a credible and comprehensible manner. We have accompanied our clients intensively over three years, and have also ensured that communication, used as a management tool, is recognized, learned and utilized by managers. The managing director was then able to hand over a company capable of change to his successor. It was our pleasure to help during that process as well.