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Setting objectives, triggering the team, taking an organization along
We helped to create clarity, find words, develop formats and reach stakeholders.

Trade is change - constant movement. In a retailing group, worlds quickly meet when central units define processes and centralize services, while the sales companies demand the greatest possible flexibility. Experiencing this, our customer gave us a call. The analysis showed that digitalization, legal requirements, new competitors, and the company's continued growth required different structures and responsibilities. Our approach: Sensitizing top management for the emotional impact of the planned change, making the complex strategy easier to communicate, and accompanying the initial phase of the project conceptually and operationally - until the project team also stood on its own feet in terms of communication. In many parts of the group, the employees of the central departments became ambassadors as well as role models for the changing culture of cooperation. Of course, this not only happens with the help of generally understandable and effective core messages. It also requires a large number of customized workshops for the respective teams and close communication coaching of the top management members.