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Clarifying roles, creating with managers, deriving precise steps.
We helped to make visions tangible, sort out mindsets, change the culture.

Customer proximity, sales strength and quality on the one hand, optimal processes and lean structures on the other - indeed, our customer from the financial sector has high goals. His question to us: “How do we manage to break down our rigid structures and ways of thinking, mutually look beyond our horizons and take concrete steps forward? We didn't have an immediate answer ready. In discussions and workshops with board members and managers, we initially gained an impression of the complex situation. Together with the board and its closest team, we subsequently revised the vision and mission and made them tangible. Side-by-side in workshops with the responsible board members and top executives we discussed goals as well as the form of leadership and cooperation required to achieve them; and let them talk about those goals together. At the end of the workshops, concrete steps were derived for the individual areas. The further management levels and all sales employees were also informed about new, fresh formats and included in the planning. During the additional course of the project, managers and employees were repeatedly brought into conversations with each other. The rethinking has begun!